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Lithium Battery Assembly Line
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The drive system is the centerpiece of a battery-electric vehicle. Comprising the power electronics, electric motor, transmission, and battery, the drive system generates zero local CO2 emissions and delivers full torque right from the start. In 2030, one in three new vehicles will be a purely electric vehicle thanks to the electric drive’s steadily improving efficiency and the sinking total cost of ownership for such models.Stricter fuel economy and emissions regulations are driving automakers and suppliers to develop more efficient Electric powertrains and vehicles. Electric Vehicle teams must collaborate closely with Electric powertrain engineers to reduce energy demands throughout the vehicle. These efforts include light weighting, improving aerodynamics and Traction Motor performance optimization, Battery technology improvement and Efficient BMS technology.

Our Electric powertrain design solution provides a state-of-the-art modeling environment to help your powertrain teams quickly create design studies to evaluate powertrains using digital mockups of the vehicle compartment, subsystems and components.