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Lithium Battery Assembly Line
Buy EV charger, Lithium-ion Battery and all equipments from EVSEMart

B2B & B2C customers look for simplicity, unification and interoperability.

The EV charging market has huge potential growth. EVs and charging stations are not widespread yet, but a significant increase in EV production is expected in the next years. With a rising number of EVs, infrastructure and end-customer solutions are working to keep up. 

The public EV charging market is still at an embryonic stage but will offer tremendous growth opportunities in the next years.

However, companies that want to enter this market must choose their strategies wisely. Integration, consolidation and innovation will change the market structure significantly, and first business models are already starting to become obsolete. The consolidation phase, during which competition will intensify, has just begun. Since public EV charging is on the way to becoming a commodity service, size and growth potential are crucial, but so is the uniqueness of a company’s business model. Unique service offerings and innovative technologies are two additional success factors that will determine the future of the EV charging value chain.

It is not possible for investors to simply surf the growth wave without taking risks. To identify the right target, they must analyze charging in a broader sense and look at adjacent industries. Because the window of opportunity will close soon, it is now time to move.

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