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Understand the composition of EV Batteries
  • 2022-01-09
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Electric Vehicle Battery is Composed of “Cell - Module - Pack”

Definition of Electric Vehicle’s Battery Cell – Module – Pack

Battery Cell
Basic unit of a lithium ion battery
Battery Module
Combination of cells
Battery Pack
Complete battery, composed of modules and including BMS and thermal management systemto install in electric vehicle

Most lithium-ion battery pack designs involving cylindrical, pouch or prismatic automotive cell. 

A typical battery pack case assembly includes a lower case in which the battery pack is accommodated, and a cover assembled to cover an upper surface of the lower case , and various structural reinforcing members (cross members, side members, etc.), and the battery pack together with a battery controller (Battery Management System, BMS) ) And related parts such as cooling blowers are mounted together.

The weight reduction of the vehicle is a major challenge in the development of the electric vehicle, and thus, attempts to use the lightweight material for various parts of the electric vehicle are more important. The upper cover does not greatly support the load, it can be manufactured by a general plastic composite molding method, but for the lower case and the structural reinforcement In the case of members, steel parts are separately press-molded to withstand battery load or steel reinforcement is inserted into plastic composites.
In addition, large thermoplastic parts, such as the lower case of the battery pack assembly, may cause shrinkage or warpage depending on molding conditions, and may also cause post-deformation problems due to residual stress while repeating shrinkage and expansion depending on the use environment temperature. In order to achieve the above object, the case body is reinforced with a plastic substrate It is made of a plastic composite material in which long fibers are mixed with fibers, and separate reinforcing members made of a plastic composite material in which long fibers are mixed with reinforcing fibers on a plastic substrate are formed at both side bracket portions for fastening the vehicle body in the case body. 

Particularly, in the present invention, by using long fibers having excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability together with long fibers, existing structural reinforcing members, ie, cross members, side members, mounting brackets, and other peripheral parts can be eliminated. There are several benefits that can be offered, such as reduced manufacturing processes, increased productivity (allowing mass production), and cost savings. In this case, as the plastic matrix (Matrix) of the fiber reinforced composite material, like polypropylene (PP), polyamide (Polyamide, PA), polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polycarbonate (PC), Any one selected from thermoplastic resin materials such as polyphenylene sulfone (PPS), polyphenylene ether (PPE), and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) may be used.

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