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EV Battery Calculator
  • 2022-02-15
  • Editor: EVOLT

EV Battery Calculator

Vehicle range Average energy consumption Nominal battery voltage
Dv [km] Eavg [Wh/km] Ubp [V]
Cell type Lbc [m] Dbc [m] Hbc [m] Wbc [m] Tbc [m]
  mbc [kg] Cbc [Ah] Ubc [V] C-ratebcc [-] C-ratebcp [-]
Battery Cell Performance
  Ebc [Wh] Vbc [l] uVbc [Wh/l] uGbc [Wh/kg]  
Battery Pack Performance
# cells / string # strings # cells Es [Wh] Ebp [kWh] Cbp [Ah]
mbp [kg] Vbp [l] Ibpp [A] Pbpp [kW] Ibpc [A] Pbpc [kW]


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